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Hey, guys!

Daynia here, it’s precisely  pronounced ( Day- Knee- Ah )

That sounded a bit difficult, doesn’t it? People also call me Diana, Ydonia, Dayna, Danielle. I know seems frustrating. It’s nowhere near my name, Right? You can call me D.

I am a single mom to a handsome toddler who will be three soon! As exciting and jealous I am, I am floored to have a healthy, smart, and well-guided son.

Who wouldn’t want to be a toddler again?.

No bills, unlimited bedtime, insanely cooked meals three times a day, unbeatable love, free clothes, and endless toys.

Parenting is for sure not the easiest, it’s challenging. It’s also the GREATEST gift. Cherishing our moments to me is what matters most, they grow practically fast.

Last year wasn’t the best year for us, we have had our ups and downs, our losses. The greatest gift we received last year was STRENGTH and COURAGE. I honestly don’t even know how we have overcome the year, we did with friends and family.

Last year, I voluntarily left my job to pursue a career in writing and so far I must say it has been a success, I couldn’t be HAPPIER.  I never once thought I can possibly live life being extremely happy and doing what I LOVE. 

I have endured many amazing relationships among many.

To be completely honest, looking back 8 years I would have never pictured myself where I am today. That’s the fun part about life experiences, love, tragedy, loss, and gratitude all in just a few cycles and learning from it.


Did you simply notice the bold lettering as you’re reading the passage?

Remember those few keywords and as you receive updates from my website you will shortly begin to see my life in my shoes.

Oh, wait!

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I am Daynia Anthony, I am the owner and contributor to My live has changed in so many ways since I turned away from everything to focus on my passion for writing. I am a single mother of a beautiful son. I am just like you, I want to help empower, moms teens, and women because we symbolize unity.

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