Who are we?

As a women you are immediately visualized to provide. To be the safe haven, the keeper, the honest, the perfectionist, the sweetest, the one to cherish, the one to constantly love and to forgive, and the one to accept.

has anyone ever sat as question why?

Why as women we accept so much?

Accept the cheating and is able to forgive, to accept the load of a man who is supposed to know and understand that things aren’t done for free or to be taken for granted.

As a women we are constantly viewed as providers.

No one perceives us as queens or champions.

Our realization is literally so small and more literal.

Why are we not being recognized for the determination, the honesty, the love, the hard work; especially those raising children and holding an household together.

Although, today in society women are being recognized we aren’t being recognized enough.

The hardest and most determined workers in life, in society.

We are only a symbol.

To be a symbol not only does it take lengths, it takes courage.

To mean an eternity it takes years of encouragement, sacrifice, love, and integrity,

Who are we

Who are we to you

To our sons and daughters

To our boyfriends and husbands

To our employers

To society

Who are we?