Moving Out Of New York City Was The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

New York City is the place where many wish to live. There are so many places to shop, eat, and to grab a drink from. Passing along a street you come across so many personalities and scenarios.

Growing up in affordable housing had been pretty rough, living there most people either cliche with everyone or with no one at all. Housing isn’t the kind of place where you see lofts or luxury apartments, it’s a place many call home.

Living in New York is very competitive. Employment is hard to find based on your experience and the place you are applying for. The population in new york city is about 8.4 million or so possibly more. It seems almost impossible to find a job you’re searching for, without having to know a friend of a friend.

Attending high school in new york is as hectic as it seems. Everyone kind of does their own thing, some do it together others do things on their own. I graduated high school pretty early, I couldn’t stand another year having my nose under a book. School had been my layer, but my situation where I was, where I lived, is why I wanted to leave and expand my horizons. I wanted to get a job so that I could become so independent I wouldn’t have to rely on everyone.

When I worked in NYC I had a few jobs with the summer youth program, which is amazing. I would recommend young adults to register, it’s an experience. The summer youth programs offer jobs for those under the age of 18, so you are able to gain experience for any future employments. These days you mostly find part – time work, full-time is hard to come by. That is why I left NYC, the cost of living is extremely high, the price of transportation has risen, groceries, clothes, and other products are super expensive.

In 2012 I moved to Harrisburg, PA I had still lived with relatives. That helped me straighten out my life. Harrisburg is completely different from New York.

Here’s what makes Harrisburg great.

  • The cost of living is low and affordable
  • It isn’t as crowded as NYC
  • There are JOBS out here
  • Everyone has a down time
  • Harrisburg has its own pace { about 10x slower than NYC }
  • Harrisburg is only 3 hours and 42 minutes from NYC
  • It’s easy and affordable to live on your own
  • Your able to rank yourself and your money
  • Temptation to shop stops
  • Being home all day instead of spending money can be amazing
  • Cleaner atmosphere
  • Different environmental setting

I have lived in my apartment for about 4 years, I have a son and I am able to care for him without having to worry about a few missed bills or groceries. Living in Harrisburg has helped me gather my thoughts and focus on what I really wanted to do in life. Although I’ve held a few full-time jobs, I don’t think any of them fit me, I grew bored with them.

I live in Harrisburg City approx. a few blocks down from the State Capitol Building. I love it here, it reminds me of home. It’s extremely clean compared to the streets of NYC. If I can make it alone living here anyone can. I couldn’t be happier with my change of scenery and the life change. I’ll take this over being unemployed, either sharing an apartment or even a room.

Living in New York City isn’t so bad, it grows on you. At the same time, you experience so much at an early age. As a millennial who wants to make a happy passionate living, I choose to move out and move on.



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From New York City to Harrisburg, PA Daynia Anthony is the editor and contributor to Daynia is currently a student at Central Penn College. Her passion is to inspire and help others achieve success through personal development to determine what you can be and how to become it.

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