We Are One

This past week was an amazing week for both Andrew and I.  We both had traveled to Denver, CO.  Many seemed clueless as to why we were there. Nearly a year ago, we lost someone and the amount of support we have recieved has been phenomenal. I was in shock and all of it was greatly appreciated. My son and I have built so many relationships that we dont even know where to begin to thank you all for the welcoming arms.

On Sunday, March. 26th Andrew and I took a last minute trip. We were all kinds of excited, three reasons.

  1. We have NEVER been to Denver, CO
  2. We were traveling together
  3. We knew that this adventure will be a great memory.

The plane ride was late and extremely bumpy; I was nervous, he was excited. I kept hearing ” mom! Mom! Mom! Plane! We are on the plane. ” Andrew couldn’t contain his excitement. I couldn’t contain my excitement. Arriving was easy, the airport was huge! How huge? Picture a mall times two huge with 5 floors. 

We took a shuttle train to baggage claim, who would have that to take a shuttle to baggage claim. Now that right there made Andrew grin.  Everyone immediately knew we had been tourists; smiling at us. A few steps ahead we seen our baggage claim terminal. We retrieved our luggage 30 minutes later.. apparently the terminals had a small complex issue; that didn’t stop us from asking people around us about Denver and it’s attractions. 

Why were we in Denver, CO? 

It’s simple.. 

Last year had been the downfall of the year. We’ve went through our differences, we’ve gained and lost so much. But yet we had each other. 

This is Venus, she is an army wife. A couple of days ago she lost her husband to an accidental overdose. Could you imagine losing the one person you love? The one person you have vowed to keep safe, till death do us a part.

Many ask why did I go? 

I took a chance. 

She was grieving, I understood the entire process. 

Her thoughts, her pain, her regrets; I felt it, I understood it. 

No one deserves to feel or process that pain.

    Last year, my son and I lost someone; his father, my husband. It was a complete nightmare, imagine not being able to sleep or socialize for months because of trying to re-live the accidental moment and trying to think of all the possibilities of saving someone; even if it’s too late.

     How could this have happened? 

    Why hadn’t anyone seen the signs? 

    Who would have thought that nearly a year later Venus would experience the same thing. Flying out to Denver wasn’t a mistake, it brought happiness, laughter, unity, and empowerment. I would continue to do it again! Reaching out to those whom has lost a loved one. 

    The truth is.. no matter how hard you think or replay the scene, nothing can be changed. 

    Today and tomorrow can be changed and will be changed. That’s is why Venus and I have come up with this proposal.. 

    Anyone who is out there who has or had lost someone to suicide please reach out to us we have a huge plan in mind. You don’t have to be military, you can live in a completely different continent and we want to hear your voice because our voice is what matters the most. 

    As human beings we should all unite together and support each other because you are not alone. The process isn’t easy and it’s not forgotten overnight. 

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    From New York City to Harrisburg, PA Daynia Anthony is the editor and contributor to Dayniaanthony.com. Daynia is currently a student at Central Penn College. Her passion is to inspire and help others achieve success through personal development to determine what you can be and how to become it.

    17 thoughts on “We Are One

    1. Crying! I know someone who lost her sister to suicide last week. It’s so beautiful that you took that trip to real support to someone else going through this.


    2. My heart goes out to you ladies! Prayers said! I too lost my husband. I did not lose him to suicide but I lost him tragically and way too soon so I know the pain of loss and I know the pain of losing a spouse. I know reliving it over and over in your mind. I know the what ifs! God bless you for turning your pain into help for others!


    3. It is so beautiful and strong that you are channeling your pain into helping others. I’m sure that by sharing your story you have already help others in need. God bless.


    4. I’m so sorry for your losses! It’s a terrible thing. The silver lining is that you’ve found a way to heal and help others too. Best wishes to you.


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