November 30, 2016

My son is only two years old, he may be just a baby to many but to me he is a little man in the making. I am a single mother and have been for quite some time. Although my sons father wasn’t able to be there before I believe he was trying to build himself to be a better man and father; so when the day came he could finally be the best father he could have been.

Unfortunately that was taken away to soon.

Now things are harder, I am the only person my son looks ups to and runs to. Although things between his father and I weren’t perfect my son always knew who his father was and how much he loved him, especially now. 


I didn’t  have my parents as a kid, my mom passed away at the same age as my husband. My father wasn’t around either. I never had someone there to constantly remind me of how much my parents loved me. Things had been hard for me growing up. I always wondered where my place in life was, I constantly felt neglected and unwanted.

I don’t want the same for my son. Now that I am a mother, I promise to remind my son of his father. How much his father loved and adored him, how excited he was when he found out we were having a little boy. Today being his fathers 24th birthday although he isn’t here we will always celebrate ; wearing his Army shirts because being in the service is something he always wanted to accomplish and that he has done. Andrew for that we are proud because you lived your dream; we will also begin doing activities that his fathered enjoyed.


We may not have been together for the last two years but our son does deserve to know the love his parents have for him and always will even through death. I know it’s something he would have wanted but it’s something I would want.

As my son grows older I would love to see him smiling  because his childhood had been the best it could have ever been & wouldn’t wish for anything less

Happy birthday Andrew, each and every year will be hard with out you hear but you’ve united families together and we are so grateful. When we are all together we have the power and strength to be so much more.


Your death will always be a huge impact in our lives because no matter what you played such an amazing role as a son, a brother, a father, a husband, and even  just as a friend. We all have had our ups and downs. Even if you thought for one second  that you were worthless I hope you’re looking down.. Smiling and realizing how much love and support you’ve been surrounded by no matter what circumstances you were facing.  On Thanksgiving morning when you came to me in dreams I was at ease. Not only did you put a smile on my face but we both are able to move forward.. Forgiveness played such a huge part that now I can move on. Not only do you know that everything will be okay, so do we.  Thank you Andrew for being the most caring, sophisticated, and driven person alive because you have inspired me and I will inspire our son to greatness


May you rest in peace.